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9 Gorgeous Hiking Trails Around Anchorage Alaska

9 Gorgeous Hiking Trails Around Anchorage Alaska
9 Gorgeous Hiking Trails Around Anchorage Alaska

Alaska is by far the largest states in the US, but one of the least populous—that means lots of beautiful, untouched nature to explore. Travel to Anchorage to discover the many gorgeous hiking trails just outside of the capital city. Whether you want breathtaking views or get up close to gigantic glaciers, Alaska has some of the best hiking trails in the world.

Crow Pass

Crow Pass is one of the most popular hiking trails in Alaska. Travel an hour south of Anchorage to reach the start of the 21-mile long trail. Crow Pass is a hiking trail recommended for experienced travelers that covers a variety of landscapes and sceneries. Trekking past glaciers, waterfalls, wildlife, and diverse flora are some of the features to expect on the hike.

The highlights of hiking the Crow Pass trail are Crystal Lake, Crow Pass Waterfalls, and the Crow Pass Cabin. The best time to hike the trail is from June to October when all of the snow melts, and it’s filled with lush greenery along the entire journey.

Trail through the mountains

Flattop Mountain

Hike the Flattop Mountain Trail to reach the summit of the most visited peak in Alaska. Located just outside of Anchorage, the hike is popular for the panoramic views overlooking the city at the top. 

Flattop Mountain is a park of the Glen Alps, with a trail stretching approximately 3.3 miles longs. The moderate hiking experience reaches an altitude of over 1,400 feet above sea level at its peak.

The hiking trail is perfect for family hikes to see a beautiful sunset or sunrise above Anchorage and the famous Denali peak. The observation deck at the summit is open all year long to the public.

Winner Creek Trail

About an hour away from Anchorage, Alaska, this trail gives you two options: a 3-mile hike or a 9-miler.

The 3-mile hike has a foot-bridge and a hand tram that takes you over the rushing waters, allowing you to experience Winner Creek and Glacier Creek from a unique and awe-inspiring perspective.

The 9-mile hike is much more difficult, and more for those looking for high adventure. Not as well-trodden, this trail becomes wilder. To experience the Alaskan wilderness, either of these hikes is recommended.

glacier hiking trail

Byron Glacier Trail

Hiking in Alaska gives a rare opportunity to see the beauty of glaciers, still carving their paths around the state. One of the most popular glaciers is Byron Glacier. Many visitors go to the visitors’ center for the observation deck, but the dedicated Byron Glacier Trail gives the best views of this natural wonder.

The Byron Glacier Trail is a short day-hike just under a mile long. The scenic trail initially passes through a forest, ultimately clearing to reveal a view of the Byron Glacier as the backdrop to the Portage Lake and Valley.

Hidden Lake Trail

The Hidden Lake Trail rewards hikers with a large valley lake at its end. The hike is one of the more challenging hikes around Anchorage, stretching over 9 miles long with a peak elevation of over 2,000 feet.

Hike the Hidden Lake Trail between June to September for the best experience. The trail runs through the scenic Powerline Pass and is considered challenging due to the back trail style of the hike. Keep an eye out for local wildlife from sheep to moose along the journey until finally reaching the scenic views of the Hidden Lake.

double waterfall through mossy rocks

Thunderbird Falls Trail

The hike to Thunderbird Falls is one of the most family-friendly hiking trails near Anchorage. The one-mile trail leads hikers along the Eklunta River to the towering waterfalls.

Thunderbird Falls Trail is open all year long, giving different experiences throughout the year. The warmer months feature an easy walking trail on relatively flat ground to the 200-foot waterfall. In the winter season, the falls freeze over with blue ice.

The Thunderbird Falls Trail is a developed and maintained trail for easy accessibility for all hikers from kids to elderly. There is a viewing deck available at the end. You can also continue the hike down the canyon for a more immersive view of the falls.

Alyeska North Face Trail

The Alyeska North Face Trail is a hike up Mount Alyeska to reach a summit surrounded by views of glaciers and mountain peaks. The trail is less than an hour outside of Anchorage and is a popular tourist destination.

The hiking trail extends just over 2 miles long, reaching an elevation of 2,300 feet. It is moderately difficult, ranging from gentle to steep slopes.

The best part about completing the Alyeska North Face Trail is the picturesque views of the landscape. Hikers can also dine-in at the restaurant located at the summit. There is even the option to take a tram back to the bottom after completing the journey.

Rendezvous Peak Trail

Rendezvous Peak Trail is a loop hiking trail located in the Chugach State Park, approximately a 25-mile drive from Anchorage. Hike to the peak for some of the best views that overlook Eagle River Valley below with Anchorage in the distance.

The entire hike is 3.1 miles long, reaching an elevation of almost 1,400 feet. Hikers have two trail options from the parking lot origin—both reach the same summit, but have varying lengths and difficulties to climb.

The best time to hike the Rendezvous Peak Trail is from April to October when the trail is covered with beautiful flora en route to the top.

Potter Marsh Trail

Enjoy the gorgeous natural sights along the Potter Marsh Trail. It’s open all year long and especially popular during bird migration season. It is a boardwalk trail that stretches one-mile across flat land.

Potter Marsh Trail is one of the easiest hikes near Anchorage, perfect for getting kids and beginner explorers out into nature. There is an abundance of wildlife to see along the trail, including moose, bears, and other animals.

Anchorage is a great starting point for finding some of the best hiking in Alaska. Discover the scenic natural landscapes around Anchorage when embarking on a journey on one of these top hiking trails.

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