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7 Amazing Flightseeing Tours From Anchorage

7 Amazing Flightseeing Tours From Anchorage

Do you want to experience amazing flightseeing tours from Anchorage, Alaska? Alaska is often considered one of the most beautiful, wildlife-filled areas on the planet. From its mountain peaks, to its diverse animal life, unique plant life, bustling ports, and pristine peaks, the sights of Alaska are—to say the least—bountiful.

If you want to capture the whole Alaskan picture, you might want to see it from the air. There are various different flight services you can utilize to view this grand piece of country from the sky.To find a nice flightseeing tour at great prices, look no further!

There are seven different options listed here. Each one will have its own price range, length, and features that will offer a different experience for you. If you are on a tight budget, you should be able to find an affordable option. If your wallet has no worries, then you can just focus on the features and length you desire.

Some of these flights are seasonal, and some are year-round. So, onto the tours!

Helicopter flying among snowy mountains

Rust’s Discover Denali & Denali National Park Tour (Year-Round)

This incredible tour even has a possible glacier landing, and it is the most popular tour taken by those who choose Rust’s flightseeing tours. If you want to avoid crowds of people and jam-packed traffic, taking a tour like this is a great option.

The trip is around $425 for three hours in the air. You’ll look over the foothills of Denali National Park, but only for a moment, as you sail over Ruth Glacier and the Great Gorge. Then, you may even catch a few glimpses of mountain climbers, as they take their death-defying trek up the daunting south face of Denali.

Though this is a year-round flightseeing op, you may want to experience it in winter, when the skies are clearest. You will come a mere six miles from the over 20,000 ft. summit and your pilot will take a photo-stop landing either at the mountains lower lake or in Talkeetna.

Then, you will head back to Anchorage, spirit full of your amazing experiences. Sound like the right trip for you? If not, you’ll have plenty more options to pick from, so read on!

helicopter landed in the snow

Rust’s Prince Williams Sound Glacier Tour (Summer Only)

15,000 miles of fjords and inlets can be found in the Prince Williams Sound, and those waters are precisely the area you’ll be flying over if you take this tour. It is a summer-only tour and has two different flight lengths/prices. A 2.5-hour flight or a 3 hour can range in price from $365+ to almost $400.

If you take the extra half hour tour, you may have the opportunity to see glaciers halving off from the Columbia Glacier, into the waters, before bubbling to the surface as newborn icebergs. If you choose the shorter trip, you’ll still fly over a multitude of tidewater glaciers.

There should be plenty of wildlife to keep your interests piqued. Some sea creatures include whales, seals, and otters. You may see eagles soaring in the air and black bears trekking across the land below.

snowy mountains rising above pine forest

Trygg Air Walrus Viewing from Anchorage or King Salmon (Year-Round)

Do you love sealife? What about walruses? How about volcanoes, mountains, and beaches? If you do, this year-round tour may be for you.

Though it’s a little more spendy than the last options, this 90-minute flight gets you up-close-and-personal to spectacular sea life (as close as you can get while remaining safe). The exhilarating flight will take you 100 miles and land you on the beaches of Cape Seniavin, right there with the beached walruses.

Though the walrus viewing is the highlight, you may also see various waterfowl, among other avian life, and even a playful bear or two.

Trygg offers other flights as well, including Bear Viewing, Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, and custom multi-day flights. The price range for the various flights range between $900–$1500 per person, but if you get a package deal, you may get better rates.

Grizzly bear in the snow

Regal Air’s Knik and Colony Glacier Tour (Year-Round)

Do you want to kick off an action-packed trip by range spotting for Dall sheep, Moose, and mountain goats? Great. How about sailing high in the air over the spectacular Chugach Range, to one of the most scenic areas in all of Alaska—the Knik and Colony Glacier Valleys?

This tour will take you on a two-hour journey so you can enjoy these areas, taking all the skyborne photos you desire. The trip isn’t all in the air though. You also get to land at the foot of Colony Glacier in Lake George.

You may even have the opportunity to see enormous portions of glacial shelves falling into the water at Colony falls. There is nothing like the blue glacial waters caused by sediment (rock flour) in a glacial lake, giving the frigid bodies their stunning, opaque-blue appearance.

This trip can be taken year-round at a price of just over $300 per person, seating up to 6 people in the aircraft. Is this the option that fits you or your family? If not, flying on!

lake bordered by pine forest

Regal Air Triumvirate Glacier & Mt. Spurr Volcano Flightseeing Tour (Year-Round)

This trip may be for you if you are a thrill seeker who likes volcanoes and grizzly bears! Mt. Redoubt was the last volcano to have erupted between the mountains in this rugged area of flight, and its glacier is still blue with the residual ash from the Spurr eruption in 1992.

You will get to see Beluga Lake and land on the beach so you can get out for a short walk, mid-flight. A diverse number of wildlife species may be viewable during your journey, ranging from Beluga Whales, to eagles, swans, grizzly bears, and eagles.

The trip is 2 hours, and the cost is also just over $300 per person, giving passage for up to 6 people. The sheer walls of the volcanoes and the beauty of the glaciers and lakes are likely to knock you and your family's socks off. Wanna’ ride?

Birdseye view of Helicopter landed in snow

Trail Ridge Air’s One Man’s Wilderness Tour: Proenneke’s Cabin (Year-Round)

Is rich history and heritage important to you? This 4–5 hour flightseeing trip may be what you're looking for. This tour takes you into the mountains of Lake Clark National Park, where you will stop in at an old cabin.

This isn’t just any cabin—it was built by Dick Proenneke at Twin Lakes. He was a naturalist who lived alone at the cabin for almost thirty years. He documented his life, and you may have even heard of the book or television special titled, “One Man’s Wilderness,” which was based around his experiences.

This trip has a minimum limit of two passengers, so it can be great for a couple seeking adventure. The price range per person is a little over $800, well worth it for a trip so long, to a place so rich with history.

Trail Ridge Air “Discover Alaska” Flightseeing Tour (Year-Round)

If you’re on a tight budget, but still want to get a taste of what it’s like to view Alaska from above, this is the trip for you.

This short, 60-minute flight gives you the view of Anchorage from above and allows you to see further out into the wilderness that surrounds the city. It charters along the Cook Inlet and the Chugach Mountain Range, just on the city borders.

This flight will allow your eyes to rest on the beautiful Mt. Susitna and the commanding Alaskan Range peaks. The price is very affordable, sitting around $175 a person.

If you are a thrillseeker, wildlife lover, or just someone who wants to absorb all the wonders of Alaskan country, these flightseeing tours can give you the unforgettable experience you desire. No matter what sites you want to see, you now have some of the best options Alaska flightseeing has to offer!

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