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The 9 Best Restaurants in Anchorage, Alaska

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Alaska is thought of as a secluded, beautiful frontier, with small towns and an adventurer's culture. This type of lifestyle is often associated with simple rustic foods; some visitors might even expect to have to catch a fish through a hole in the ice for dinner. But the truth is those dining in the city of Anchorage can easily find delicious quality restaurants prepared to serve. Whether you are looking for a down-to-earth eatery, or an interesting upscale cafe, you won't go hungry here.

World-class seafood and original wild game dishes are served throughout the various pubs and special-occasion restaurants. Depending on your mood, there will be something for you. So take a moment and read through our top choices for the best restaurants in Anchorage, Alaska:

red and yellow veggies with salad

1. Kinley’s Restaurant and Bar

Chef Knipmeyer, a seasoned chef with innovative ideas who was a semi-finalist in the running for the James Beard Award, opened Kinley’s Restaurant to invoke fine dining - with a twist. While the cuisine is traditionally prepared, each course will carry its own special spark. Each can also be complemented with the perfect glass of wine, which can be chosen from a large selection and with help from knowledgeable staff.

Their seafood is excellent, do not underestimated the moist halibut cheeks, but the red-meat options truly shine. A perfectly prepared filet mignon will melt in your mouth, and the lamb sliders are a great shareable option. A crowd favorite to end the meal is the bourbon pecan torte.

wood accents and mood lighting surrounding the bar

2. Ginger

For a small brunch or night out, Ginger has the quiet atmosphere people long for in a classy outing. The bar and lounge has full dining service, so enjoy the company of the local folk or lone traveler as you devour some Poke Wonton Tacos. Ginger is renowned for their unique and classy specialties. If you need a few suggestions, do not pass up the signature macaroni and cheese accented with Alaskan Scallops. Even the tofu comes in a mango-teriyaki glaze.

The scent of fresh-brewed espresso is known to draw people in or stop them in their tracks as they leave. Locals and journeymen alike will claim their rockfish is undefeated from coast to coast. With an upscale, yet laid back atmosphere, Ginger certainly sets a high bar for others to meet.

sliders topped with pickle slices

3. Spenard Roadhouse

Spenard Roadhouse is a great place for All-American, traditional dishes with their own little flavors. The consensus is that their Polish sausage is one of a kind, made of reindeer and seasoned with a secret in-house blend. Their bar is also known throughout the entire state to have the widest and most experienced selection of whisky for hundreds of miles. Outside the American classics, there are popular Asian courses like Korean Stone Bowl and Curry.

The most popular fan-favorite of Spenard Roadhouse is the Bacon Jam Burger. If you can handle it, imagine an 8 oz patty, freshly ground and grilled with carnozal, apple slices (grilled as well) with a generous slathering of bacon jam. All portions are large, so you’ll never doubt you’re getting your money’s worth.

wood and steel exterior of the Rustic Goat

4. The Rustic Goat

Everyone loves a little comfort food, and the original modern twists The Rustic Goat puts on average rustic cuisine, elevates it to a whole other level. Similar to places you would find in Seattle, or even San Francisco because of the open seating, large influx of natural light, and hip menu. The Rustic Goat is a great communal place to gather, eat, and enjoy the company of others.

It is located in Midtown Anchorage and its decor has a modern industrial design with additional seating found upstairs. Chips are handmade and can be topped with an amazing slow-cooked pulled pork. Here, you’ll find a strawberry bacon pizza with flavors that surprisingly compliment each other, especially the hints of jalapeno. Save room for sweets, or more specifically Rustic Goat’s Smores.

wood-fired pizza with broccoli, peppers, and onions

5. Fat Ptarmigan

You are immediately welcomed by the distinct scent of pizza and a wood/brick interior that fits in perfectly by the warehouses in downtown Anchorage. Fat Ptarmigan is made with the average person in mind, who loves a great crust and farm-fresh ingredients. They even have non-dairy cheese for those looking for a vegan option.

Fat Ptarmigan is ideal for a fast delicious pizza to share with friends. The sauce selection will give you the ultimate build-you-own capability, but the creative and distinctive combinations already featured are not to be overlooked. The menu is simple, pizza spun by hand made with fresh toppings for each order in a wood fire oven. Along with a small selection of desert: Guy’s cannoli and gelato, Fat Ptarmigan is the perfect option for fantastic Italian fare.

6. Orso

The majority of dishes are seafood delicacies, including salmon, halibut, and the big king crab. Orso certifies all their seafood as ‘farm to table,’ meaning the filets are all fresh from the Pacific. Because this is Alaska, the seafood here is some of the freshest you can get worldwide. There is also an impressive variety of spirits to choose from. When Anchorage’s summer rolls in, vegetables are offered that are grown within miles of the restaurant.

One of their finest options is the halibut with bacon and bok choy, but even the Harvest Salad is a showstopper, with yams, brussel sprouts, and pumpkin seeds.

Share the calamari with friends while sipping on a cold beer brewed at Glacier BrewHouse, cozy in the featured Alaskan decor.

7. Snow City Café

Now, if you’re looking for breakfast, the Snow City Cafe will surely have you jumping out of bed, ready to start your day at one of Anchorage’s most trendy spots. This warm modern breakfast cafe is located downtown, on a corner, amidst many offices. The style is very casual, a simple diner with booths.

Some intriguing menu options are the chicken curry wrap, snow city hash tacos, wild mushroom omelette, and some world-famous sticky buns. Order one of the specialty coffee blends to wash it all down, or even a pumpkin milkshake.

One of the best aspects of this trendy spot is that new artwork from local artists is showcased weekly.

8. 49th State Brewing Company

Enjoying a night out with live music is a must during any trip to, or weekend in, Anchorage. The 49th State Brewing Company will deliver in-house brewed beers, pizza fired in a stone oven, and the gorgeous sights of Mount Susitna and Cook Inlet. Some days those dining thank the clear skies for breathtaking views of Denali while enjoying the Alaskan specialties.

The bands that take the small stage are not only there for summer season, but entertain year-long. This place serves an amazing array of Alaskan specialties you're unlikely to find elsewhere. To name a few of the most popular: Elk meatballs, Crusted Halibut, and a Yak quesadilla.

9. South

Take a break from the shopping at the new South Anchorage area, and wander into South, a trendy spot with craft cocktails and simple, but exciting dishes. The coffee shop is filled with the perfect atmosphere for those looking for a perfect evening cocktail. Their specialty drinks such as the Sitka Rose, composed of spruce tips, rose petals, and gin) are famous in the area.

When talking choices, there are many different dining options for a light snack or a full meal. There’s Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner, but also a Tapas menu, and coffeehouse menu. Fish and Chips are hard to do wrong, but when they are exactly right, customers will keep coming back for them again and again. This is the case for the vodka-battered fish at South.

More than meets the eyes awaits in Anchorage, Alaska. Enjoying the spectacular views can cause time to slip away, but always take a moment to replenish your empty stomach at one of their exceptional restaurants.

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