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King Suite Lodge In Anchorage, AK

Planning your next trip away from your routine? Anchorage, AK, is the perfect place for a getaway that offers all kinds of adventures, the best landscapes, and a friendly and warm city. To make your travel experience complete, you deserve to stay at a lodge that offers quality customer service and the best accommodations. 

At Anchorage Grand Hotel, we feature king suites wholly equipped to satisfy your needs. Our king suite or king studio have been designed with close attention to details, for guests who look for elegance, luxury, and absolute comfort. 


King Suites Ideal For Any Travel Purpose

Our king studios or suites are perfect for any kind of travel. Whether you’re traveling for business, leisure, or even a mix of both, our king suites rooms are ideal for you. Carefully designed to help you relax and still attend to your business obligations, these suites have stable WiFi connectivity, desks, dining area, sofa/sitting area, and much more.

Plus, our king studios include a full kitchen, completely equipped with all appliances, including a refrigerator, tea/coffee maker, ice machine, toaster, microwave, dishwasher, kitchenware, etc. Our kitchens are ready for you to prepare your meals and store your beverages and snacks. 

A Suite For Couples Or Single Occupancy

Whether you’re traveling alone or with a special someone, our king studios are the perfect space for you. The coziness they provide will make you feel like you’re in your second home. With different areas within the same suite, our king studios are ideal if you need your own space or wish to spend every second with your partner.

Our mountain and quiet street views add to your pleasant experience in Anchorage. The breathtaking Anchorage mountain views from our king studios are the perfect relaxation and peace of mind you deserve. 

Our King Suites Await You

All our suites, including our king suites, are designed with a classic and elegant style unique to our hotel. Our accommodations and luxury environment await you. We’ll be glad to receive you and provide you with the lodging of your dreams. No matter the reason for your travel, or how much time you wish to stay in Anchorage, we have all the amenities you could need and want.


Anchorage Grand Apartments

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